who we are

A diagnosis does not hold you back, does not define you.

our heart

We believe in relationship building and flexibility. We must have a connection with your child in order to have any success. It is important for any new student and family to fit into our larger family unit. We are here for the families and parents as much, if not more, than for our students. Our relationship with our families is dependent on what they need. For some this may mean house calls, going on family vacations, or regular phone calls.

We meet your child exactly where they are.

We have realistic goals and expectations/boundaries for people diagnosed with autism and that is reflected in our every interaction and conversation. We are not a daycare but a safe and loving place for children to be equipped for day to day life. Prepare to be hugged!

our plans

We pride ourselves in our integrity, dedication, and the ability to recognize every individual’s potential.

We have behavior coaches with 39 years of combined experience with special needs children. Currently, our half-day program is seeking DSS approval to become a full-time program.