Friends of The Little White House
-The Pottery Project-

one of a kind pieces for one of a kind minds
The Pottery Project is an initiative spearheaded by Leslie Mills on behalf of  Friends of the Little White House.  This project serves as a platform for participants to engage with art while creating finished pottery products. These items are then showcased and sold at different markets across the local area. The project not only provides participants with artistic exposure but also offers them opportunities for skill development and potentially generating income through the sale of their creations. Through this initiative, Friends of the Little White House aims to foster creativity, empowerment, and community engagement among its participants.
The Pottery Project has also collaborated with other non-profits to provide opportunities to their participants.  Our collaborators include The Miriam Girl Foundation, Idelhurst Foundation, Selha Gray Foundation, and Playtapus Adventures.  This project has also provided over 100 service hours to local high school students.  

Pottery is currently sold at The Pickwick Pharmacy on Augusta Road Greenville SC

Ghost Apothecary Clayton GA

You may also reach out to Leslie Mills to schedule a time to buy pottery at our studio space or schedule your group.